Destressing Bath Crystals

These stress-relieving bath salts are filled with essential oils specially chosen to help you relax after a busy day.

Volume: 250ml   Price: £14.99

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Destressing Massage Oil

This deeply therapeutic oil eases muscle tension to relax both body and mind.

Volume: 100ml   Price: £22.00

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Destressing Treatment

Massage this rich, fragrant body balm into stiff muscles to help release tension knots, ease tension headaches and promote a good night's sleep.

Volume: 75ml   Price for one: £14.99

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Destress Cleansing Gel

This aromatic body wash blends comforting essential oils that help melt away the stresses of the day.

Volume: 200ml   Price for one: £15.99

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Destress Mist

Refresh, revive and restore your spirits with just one spritz of this natural, energising fragrance.

Volume: 50ml   Price: £15.50

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