Mystique Marine Massage Oil

This nourishing body treatment leaves skin silky soft and brings a grounding but uplifting energy to the psyche.

Volume: 100ml   Price: £22.00

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Mystique Marine Body Wash

This aromatic, hydrating cleanser gently exfoliates and soothes skin and promotes a more grounded, serene outlook.

Volume: 200ml   Price: £15.99

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Mystique Marine Extra Rich Body Balm

This luxurious cream is specially formulated for dry skin and blends restorative essential oils that calm both body and mind.

Volume: 150ml   Price: £18.50

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Mystique Marine Bath Crystals

This unique blend of essential oils and marine salts detoxifies and cleanses the body while working to uplift the spirit.

Volume: 250ml   Price for one: £14.99

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