Massage Oil for Feet

Massage hardworking feet back to health and happiness with this therapeutic blend of plant and essential oils.

Volume: 100ml   Price: £21.99

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The Relaxing Treatment for Feet

This rich, silky cream cools and moisturises feet, and massages away tension to leave your whole body feeling relaxed and renewed.

Volume: 100ml   Price: £15.99

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The Elixir for Feet

This potent treatment oil helps to treat foot infections and ease the pain caused by ingrown toenails, athlete's foot, gout and arthritis.

Volume: 10ml   Price: £12.50

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Thermal Relief for Feet

This healing massage cream brings instant relief to cold, aching muscles and joints and feet suffering from poor circulation.

Volume: 50ml   Price for one: £14.50

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Detoxifying Mask for Feet

This purifying mask improves micro-circulation while gently drawing out impurities and toxins to restore feet and legs to maximum health.

Volume: 100ml   Price for one: £17.50

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