Nail Buffer Kit

This manicure set gently buffs nails to an exquisite shine within seconds - enhancing their natural colour and promoting stronger growth.

Price: £18.50

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Spa Manicure

Condition and brighten your hands and nails by soaking them in these fresh, citrus-scented crystals.

Volume: 250ml   Price: £15.99

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Glass Nail File

Shape nails while sealing the edges with this hardwearing glass nail file.

Price: £14.99

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Matrix Oil

This "liquid gold" feeds the nail where it needs a boost the most - in the matrix.

Volume: 10ml   Price: £14.99

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Vitamin Pills for Nails

Get stronger, healthier and faster-growing nails within just two months with this targeted vitamin supplement.

Volume: 120 pills   Price: £20.99

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