Jane Hanworth
UK Distributor
I tried my first Sh'Zen products when I lived in Cape Town, South Africa, about 5 years ago. I was so impressed that I placed a large order with my friend who was selling the products. She asked me if I would be interested in selling Sh'Zen myself but I kept telling her 'I can't sell'.

By the time I had placed about 5 more orders and received my fabulous free 'start-up' kit I was hooked and realised that the products actually sold themselves. So I signed up. I introduced all of the ranges to my friends and family and used the professional sizes in my Salon, and so my business grew.

Since moving back to the UK, I realised that I could not get hold of my favourite products so I approached Sh'Zen and I am now the UK Distributor for the company.

I can't wait to share this wonderful exciting business opportunity with you, whether you want to be a stay at home Mum or build this into a full-time career - it can be done.

Email Jane: jane@shzen.co.uk

Glynis Richardson
I suffered with chronic dermatitis on my hands, and over the years tried everything without much success. As a last resort, I wore little cotton gloves on my hands whenever I had to shop. So, when I read about Sh'Zen winning the Business Starters competition in the Fair Lady in 1989, two words jumped out at me - DERMATITIS and TREATMENT.

Having tried everything on the market still with no relief, I was ready to give this brand new range a try.

I started with the Cuticle Cream and the Repair cream for Hands, both rich in Allantoin, known for its healing properties, and supplemented these with the Sh'Zen Treatment Cream for Hands. All three gave me such immediate relief, and within a short time my hands were healing.

I was so delighted, that I just had to share my success with others - and so within days, I joined Sh'Zen, and so began one of the most exciting chapters of my life.

Belonging to Sh'Zen has meant being able to spend more time with my children, incredible personal growth, as well as the opportunity to travel the world.

Email Glynis: Glynis@shzen.co.za

Rene Reynolds
National Sales Manager
It was the free start up kit that did it for me says Rene Reynolds, Regional Cape Manager - and I really had no idea that this step would be the start of such a wonderful phase in my life!

Joining Sh'Zen just to get the free kit, actually turned my life on its head - within weeks I had given up my full time job to grow my own team - and also to become Sh'Zen's Training Manager.

I simply loved belonging to this company - but my real love was training and motivating others- watching women grow and achieve beyond what they think they can do, really makes me feel that I have made a difference.

Almost four years ago, I became the Regional Manager for the Cape Region - and together with my very special group of team leaders, have retained the top spot in the country! I have enjoyed experiences such as international travel, wonderful recognition and meeting such interesting people - and along the way have grown tremendously as a person!

I encourage everyone who wants to change their lives, earn more, meet wonderful people to do as I did - take advantage of the free Start Up Kit that Sh'Zen offers - I am SO glad I did!

Email Rene: rene@shzen.co.za

Sharryn Harris
West Rand Regional Manager
I never expected a regular service call to Sh'Zen Gauteng office to change my life - but it did - a simple conversation with Ingrid started me on a journey of a lifetime with Sh'Zen - and I still love every minute of it!!

I had been in the cosmetic industry for twenty five years and had been exposed to just about every product on the SA market - yet, I fell in love with the Sh'Zen products straight away - they really worked (I lost 4cm on each leg with the Cellulite products!) I could feel Sh'Zen was a special company and as one of my missions is to empower women, I wanted to be part of its success and growth.

Contributing to the growth and development in the greater Gauteng region - and lately in East Rand and Mpumulanga has been one of the highlights of the past few years. I have also experienced a few 'firsts' in my life through Sh'Zen - not least of all my first international trips - to Rio and to Greece!

However my greatest reward is helping women empower themselves - welcoming new consultants, watching them grow and develop is the ultimate for me!

Karen Doyle
Regional Manager, Eastern Cape
I have always loved Sh'Zen products since being introduced to them 14 years ago.

In January 2007 I decided to join and was over the moon when I received a fantastic free kit. The following month I earned my next 2 incentivised kits and my journey with Sh'Zen began. Five months later I became a Team Leader and have never looked back.

A year later I qualified to go on an overseas incentive trip with Sh'Zen.

Financially an overseas trip would never have been possible for me to do personally and this was a life changing experience for me, one I will never ever forget. This year I have qualified to go to Turkey. Turkey has always been my dream destination and finally through Sh'Zen this dream has become a reality.

I am proud to be a part of the Sh'Zen Company and have personally grown in leaps and bounds. I have met the most amazing women, many of whom have become dear friends. Joining Sh'Zen was one of the best things I have ever done, besides phenomenal products, a very nice income, and a job I love, my dreams have been realised and best of all - it doesn't stop!!

Last year I was offered the position of Regional Manager Eastern Cape. This couldn't have come at a better time as my husband's business was failing and I subsequently became the breadwinner.

It took me a long time to decide to join and when I did, only 3 years to win 3 overseas trips. Why don't you join? You have nothing to lose and only lots to gain, I most certainly did and so can you.

Thank you Sh'Zen for being an amazing company, for inspiring so many people, and making dreams come true!

Adele Oebell
Regional Manager, Cape Town
My secret to my success is that my number one focus ever since I became a Sh'zen consultant is to give excellent customer service. This lead me to become a top consultant and thereafter a successful team leader.

Part of the my success as a Team Leader was my passion, product knowledge and perseverance which I shared with everyone I come into contact with so they too could be empowered to grow their businesses successfully. Regular demming and recruiting are the pillars of this secret!!

I was blessed to have achieved 7 incentive incredible overseas trips including Mauritius, Thailand, Rio de Janeiro, Greece, Egypt, Bali and Argentina and I am on the way to a Mediterreanean cruise of a lifetime!

I was then appointed Regional Manager at the beginning of 2009 which has given me an even greater opportunity to motivate others to be successful and to reach their dreams that they deserve. Success is directly linked to your attitude!

Ruwayda Du Toit
Regional Manager, Cape Town
It was the 'magical' free kit that inspired me to join Sh'Zen! An entire kit comprised of the most beautiful products - that actually did make a difference to my hands, feet and body - all for free?! Sharing these products with family and friends proved so easy - and so rewarding - that within my first year I won R11 500 - and promptly resigned from my permanent job of 30 years - and my life was never the same!

I have absolutely loved every minute of being a team leader - and more recently one of the Cape Regionals. It's not just that I enjoy annual overseas incentive trips, nor that I could take my husband on holy pilgrimage to Mecca, or being flown to JHB to watch the Oprah show - its more, much more than this.

Welcoming women into my regional teams, seeing them develop their potential, watching them become more financially independent - that's the real reason why I love Sh'Zen so much!

I encourage every woman reading this to make Sh'Zen part of her life style - being a Sh'Zen consultant really can be tailor made to fit your life style. Whether you, like me, will be inspired to reach for the stars - or you prefer to generate a few extra hundred rand to buy the things in life that you deserve to enjoy, or you just want to purchase your Sh'Zen products at our very generous 27% discount, Sh'Zen is for you!

To our current consultants, becoming a Team Leader was one of the most rewarding and satisfying decisions I have made. So, why don't you

Rosita Bandli
Regional Manager, Cape Town
From the moment I placed my feet in a basin of warm water with the Sh'Zen Spa Additive at my first pamper session, I was sold on Sh'Zen.

At the time I also suffered with extremely bad eczema which left me with dry, tight, itchy, bleeding wounds. I had tried all sorts of remedies ranging from homeopathic to chemical, but nothing worked.

Heather Chowles, my consultant, offered me a sample of the Sh'Zen Rehydrating Bath to use as a soap and the Sh'Zen Rehydrating Balm to put on afterwards. After only 3 days the bleeding stopped and my skin was healing. That was it - I had to join this company!

In my first month I was the top seller in the team and after attending the quarterly function decided that I wanted to be the top seller in the country. At that time I had closed my play group and started doing tour guiding, however I soon worked out that I could earn more from doing a workshop in 2 hours than in a whole day from taking tourists around town.

This is when I decided to put all of my energy into my Sh'Zen business and in April 2000 I became a team leader. I started earning well and had the opportunity to nurture and empower other women, watching them grow and reach their full potential. As a team leader I have earned 5 FREE overseas incentive trips with Sh'Zen to exotic places such as Greece, a Nile cruise in Egypt, Bali, Rio and most recently to Argentina - all expenses paid and in 5-star luxury too!

I can truly say that Sh'Zen has been my passport to financial freedom, from running a playgroup to running a top team and top region in just 10 short years. I have been able to do things I never dreamt possible like take my husband and three children on an amazing 10 day trip to Thailand, all in 4-star luxury, paid from my commission and buying my children new cars for their 18th birthdays.

Most of all, Sh'Zen has given me the gift of being able to offer the employment opportunity to other women who like me want to stay home with their children but still contribute towards the household expenses and have something over for luxuries to spoil our loved ones. In January 2009 I became the Sapphire Regional Manager - offering me another opportunity of growth, abundance and fun with Sh'Zen!

Cheryl October
Regional Manager, Western Cape
I had been in the direct selling industry for many years when I attended my first Sh'Zen Pamper. I definitely was not expecting anything other than to purchase a product or two and walk out the door. But destiny had something else in store for me which changed my life forever. I simply fell in love the amazing products and with the offer of a free kit filled with these gorgeous products, absolutely free, I was hooked then and there.

I was just bursting with excitement, and pamper after pamper I shared the products with every woman I met and my knowledge and passion just continued to grow. It was so simple, the product literally sold itself.

I have always loved the challenge and the thrill of running my own business and even though I was working full time I took up the Team Leader opportunity with enthusiasm and great desire to empower women. My team grew and grew and when my personal circumstances changed, my Sh'Zen business opened the door for me to stay home full time. Sh'Zen has also afforded me opportunities to fulfil my personal love for travelling - I have visited a host of countries through the Team Leader Incentives such as Bali, Mauritius, Greece and Brazil to name a few.

As I continued to grow so did Sh'Zen and unexpectedly my journey with Sh'Zen moved to a new level when I was asked to become a Regional Manager for the Ruby Region in the Western Cape. As with every opportunity in life, this one has come with great joys and challenges, which I have embraced whole-heartedly and I have loved every minute of it thus far.

So what comes next, who knows, but I wait with baited breath as my journey continues.